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Strategy Refinement

Unlock strategic clarity for your business

Make better strategic choices

Solventure provides a step-by-step approach that helps you clarify your business landscape. By understanding your value proposition and market perception, you can balance the scales between ‘commercial’ choices and the cost and capital deployed in the supply chain.

Our Strategy Refinement service is designed to support you in formulating a data-driven and fact-based answer to the following 2 questions:

  • where are we?

  • where do we want to be?

During a 1-day workshop on-site our facilitator will guide the team on...

  • Open Close

    Drive clarity and focus on the determined value proposition and financial performance of your company.

  • Open Close

    Evaluate the impact on supply chain complexity and variability and ensure alignment with the organization’s desired / acceptable levels of complexity and variability.

  • Open Close

    Determine joint customer-product segmentation by proper analysis.

  • Open Close

    Advise on the appropriate service strategies per customer-product segmentation.

Gain maximum flexibility with minimum working capital

Our framework and workshop help you align your business strategy with your supply chain choices. As a result, you can protect your business strategy and gain maximum flexibility and minimum working capital.

Manage risk in times of disruptions

Start aligning your business strategy with your supply chain choices today! Provide us with your information below and let's discuss how we can support your business journey.