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Rethink your supply chain thinking

Transform your supply chain from an obstacle into a competitive edge

What if you stopped regarding your supply chain in purely operational terms, and aligned it with your business strategy instead? This shift in perspective, which we firmly stand for, is the best way to convince your C-suite of tackling supply chain issues and to provide a more agile way of fulfilling demand in the fast-evolving world around us. It’s the key to driving value, on all business levels.

Over the last 15 years Solventure has invested in building a unique set of capabilities to guide you

By using the frameworks and concepts developed by our CEO, Prof. dr. Bram Desmet, the supply chain community has powerful tools within easy reach to upgrade its in-company supply chain process and landscape. The Supply Chain Triangle, as a framework, guides you to successfully balance the overall business goals while the concept of the Strategy-Driven Supply Chain predefines the steps to elevate your business planning process to the next level.

Check out our whitepaper for more knowledge on the Supply Chain Triangle concept.

A strategy-driven supply chain is a must …

... to be agile and fulfil demand in a fast-evolving world

Supply chains tend to be designed for minimum cost and cash; not for flexibility. Yet the latter is exactly what you need to respond adequately to digitization, globalization, sustainability issues, rapidly changing customer expectations, and health and economic crises. Current and ongoing disruptions have made it crystal clear that the supply chain is at the heart of business operations. The supply chain must be aligned with the strategy if you want to stay on board in this changing world.

... to better understand the interaction between Service, Cost & Cash

In many companies, the interaction between different departments is a constant struggle, each team setting its own priorities. Our model of the Supply Chain Triangle, by contrast, pushes organizations to get behind the same goal and align Service, Cost & Cash. Balancing this triangle is not optional. It’s mandatory if you want to go from a conflict-driven business to our value-driven organization model, maximizing shareholder value via sustainable growth.

... to align different layers of planning into an IVP&E

The planning processes in companies tend to be scattered. Many organizations have robust processes and tools in place in their supply chain, but they have to duplicate that effort in their finance department, and triple it by trying to bring the two together in an Integrated Business Planning. Clearly, this is not best use of resources. To generate more value, we ensure an integration of your strategic, financial, and operational planning into what we at Solventure call Integrated Value Planning & Execution (IVP&E).

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