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Creating sustainable value through a holistic supply chain approach

Strategy Refinement

Our unique framework allows you to project your business strategy onto your supply chain strategy, aligning the need for minimum cost and inventory with the need for flexibility. The drive for innovation, and the strategic inventories and scalability from key suppliers that result from it, obviously come at a price. Using our methodology, you can balance the scales between ‘commercial’ choices on the one hand, and the cost and capital deployed in the supply chain on the other, so you can make the best strategic decisions.

Process & Organisation Design

We help you lay the groundwork for continuous improvement by (re)defining your overall planning architecture. Subsequently, we tackle the design of your systems and structures in more detail. We use a business process map (BPM) to document improvements, covering processes from the highest level down to the activity flow. When it comes to organisation design, we deal with every aspect relating to the roles required in your organisation.


Sales & Operations Planning Training is key to attaining the holistic perspective on people-process-tools-analytics that is the prerequisite for driving sustainable change and value through S&OP. To help you unlock new potential and take your company processes to the next level, we provide interactive, hands-on supply chain trainings that are rooted in the business world and backed by academic research. We organize both open courses and made-to-measure sessions, for stakeholders ranging from supply chain teams to marketing and sales departments.

Software implementation

We don’t believe in adapting processes to tools. Quite the contrary. We implement user-friendly and modular software that is a perfect fit for, and that grows along with, your organisation. Our approach is iterative and agile, maximizing user adoption and facilitating the feedback that allows us to incrementally refine the base model. After the go-live, you can count on an intensive aftercare service.

Data integration

For data-driven processes like S&OP, successful implementation requires careful data integration. We ensure frequent and timely access to data, in the correct format. Thanks to the templates we have developed for various ERP systems and which are available in our Data Connector tool, we can speed up the integration process, while remaining flexible enough to offer completely customized solutions as well.

Stay ahead of the competition with an enterprise-wide integrated planning