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APS Software

We all know that having a decent ERP system is convenient to manage various business processes, and to automate workflows. But if you’re using additional spreadsheets to support your Sales & Operations Planning decision-making process, and it becomes too big and complex in an instant, it’s time to put an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system in the spotlight.

An APS goes further than merely managing operational planning data, like an ERP.


Your business is impacted by its macro-economic environment. Solventure’s macro-economic monitoring and forecasting software solution, LIFe, actively improves your decision-making processes for different purposes and across geographical regions.

  • Discover external demand drivers that influence your sales

  • Draw strategic conclusions from advanced predictive analytics

  • Rely on global indicators for predictive demand planning

  • Get access to endless global data including macro-economic, consumer and weather data.

  • Reach sales targets

Data Connector

The best decisions in planning are data-driven. Getting the right internal and external data flowing is crucial, then. Thanks to the Data Connector, a platform that simplifies and accelerates integration with enterprise systems, you benefit from a seamless data exchange between execution and planning functions. The Data Connector is certified for SAP integration with SAP ECC and SAP S4 Hana.

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