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Driving sustainable change and value through S&OP

Out of 15 years of experience Solventure has distilled a seven-step supply chain planning transformation approach to successfully embark, implement and sustain a Sales & Operations Planning Implementation. Solventure’s services portfolio is focused on supporting your organization along each step of the way.

Our 7 steps to turning your sales & operations planning into a strategic, cross-departmental decision-making tool

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    We always start from a specific business problem, typically reflected by a lack of balance in the Supply Chain Triangle. We create a common understanding for the need to change, and a common ambition to drive change. Only then do we identify S&OP as (part of) the solution.

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    We guide you to envision the scope and realistic timeline. From goals and level of ambition, to the processes and systems that needs to be tackled. Important in this step is to generate value. How to set the right targets and create a high level business case.

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    The next step is engaging key stakeholders, clarifying the impact the new processes will have. We make sure that the broader organization is fully committed to the new way of working, and that any hurdles are overcome, for instance in terms of capabilities and data.

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    Together, we define the high-level process and system architecture, followed by the detailed design of the processes, the functional and technical design of the system and data integration. We devote attention to both global templates and local specificities.

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    We take an iterative approach to implementing the necessary processes, making sure that key users are trained and can give continuous feedback. We integrate insights as we move forward, focusing on the process we are bringing to life, and not just the tooling.

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    After the go-live, the real works begins. We start tracking value and benefit generation, going for continuous improvement in the shape of both smaller tweaks and bigger changes and creating a user community. We help you experiment with, learn from, and adjust, the analytics at your disposal.

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    You can count on us to sustain what you have accomplished, with benefit tracking and monitoring, with (re)training support where necessary, and with continued updates.

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Solventure is your supply chain transformation partner to help you create sustainable shareholder value. We want to proactively challenge our customers and prospects to drive sustainable change and value through S&OP, and to make sure a holistic perspective of people-process-tools-analytics is being taken. To do so, we have bundled our experience in above approach.

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