How Solvay anticipates on sales turning points | Solventure
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How Solvay anticipates on sales turning points

Webinar | Solvay Client Case

Christian Backaert, Global Supply Chain Excellence Manager at Solvay, and Nick Verstraete, CTO at Solventure, will share how Solvay Specialty Polymers have brought an outside-in perspective to its executive demand planning process. The forecasting with external data was instrumental in order to navigate the current volatility across the end-to-end supply chains.

Key Takeaways

During this webinar you’ll get a clear understanding of how Solvay:

  • Improved forecast accuracy with 25%

  • Anticipated on important sales turning points and gained competitive advantage

  • Evolved to more effective executive demand review meetings

  • Installed monthly quantitative outlooks using AI and leading indicators

  • Grasped a better understanding of the fast-evolving end-to-end supply chain dynamics

  • Improved the S&OP decision-making by using an outside-in perspective

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