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Boost your S&OP maturity & unlock new skills

Training offering

Tired of firefighting and ready for a head start?

Education is key and vital to get and keep your company ahead of the competition. Within Solventure we believe that it is the starting point to unlock new potential and ensure the immediate generation of benefits for your company’s processes. We are here to upgrade your team’s skills targeted at your specific challenges on S&OP. Power up your experience levels and unlock new skills to accelerate your supply chain planning process improvements.

It was important to gain knowledge from external professionals who focus on improving the existing process, helping us understanding the tooling and level up the experience of our team.

Expertise put to practice

Process Knowledge

A no-nonsense approach with firm origins in the real business environment. Our quality training content on Supply Chain processes and approach are founded on actual and practical applications and do not remain a purely theoretical exercise. Takeaways are immediate after the sessions and can be put to use next business day.

Academic Research

Supporting and incubating academic research on various topics concerning supply chain planning is part of our DNA. We collaborate closely with universities and others in the field of analytics and modeling. This enables us to share new insights within our training programs.

Training Expertise

Our trainers have hands-on experience, having worked with and for a multitude of companies, in addition to various consulting projects and successful implementations of S&OP tools. As in most cases, training was a differentiator to encourage teams to face the next hurdles in their supply chain and take their supply chain process to the next level.

Change Management

To further initiate improvement in your Supply Chain process everyone of the team needs to understand the upcoming challenges. Supporting your team is crucial, communication is key, we help you bring your message and fill the knowledge gap.