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Strategy White Paper

Driving sustainable change and value through S&OP

Confession 1, in the 15 years I’m implementing S&OP processes and tooling, not all of it went smoothly. I’ve had difficult discussions with disappointed clients that told me, you are the expert, you have done this before, you should have told me. Confession 2, for 15 years we’ve been preaching you need to combine people, processes, tooling and analytics, but when we started the project, and certainly when we were selected after a tooling RFP, more than once we got pushed into a technical systems corner and have missed a broader impact.

After 15 years, it’s time to prevent that and to turn it around. We want to proactively challenge our customers and prospects to drive sustainable change and value through S&OP, and to make sure a holistic perspective of people-process-tools-analytics is being taken. To do so, we have bundled our experience in a 7-step approach.

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