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How we work - People


Our consultants are your trusted advisors from start to finish. They have in-depth technical knowledge combined with process knowledge, making them the perfect sparring partners for a robust S&OP approach. We don’t deliver a theoretical plan on paper; instead, we provide hands-on advice and improvements. But don’t take our word for it – ask our customers! They will confirm that we stay on the ball from beginning to end, a true long-term partnership.

S&OP is constantly evolving as a response to today’s changing business environment. To help our customers stay up to date, we launched Solventure Academy. Through Accelerator Days and Boostcamps tailored to your needs, we share the expertise we gain through academic research and numerous real-life implementations. Creating a separate business unit for training enables us to deliver the high-quality content our customers deserve.


A solid process is the foundation for ensuring that S&OP becomes an instrument which truly helps to steer the business. Solventure has over 10 years of experience in S&OP process design. We take your current processes to the next level, achieving optimal balance in your Supply Chain Triangle that links service, cash and cost. This balance is your ultimate path towards sustainable stakeholder value and maximized Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

You need to design process steps and an operating framework, agree on clear roles and responsibilities, involve stakeholders, form multi-disciplinary and qualified teams and set up proper communication. Our consultants will guide you all the way, from designing the process to translating it into technical IT requirements and further long-term process improvements. Our customers include Owens Corning, Unilin, McBride, Gates Europe, Federal Mogul, Perfetti Van Melle, and Wonderful brands, to name but a few.

How we work - Process
How we work - Tools


S&OP is first about the process, then about the software. As Arkieva’s channel partner, Solventure leverages Arkieva to power your S&OP process. This integrated supply chain planning suite was founded by supply chain planning experts from Dupont in the US and has over 15,000 users within 250 unique applications worldwide. Arkieva is also recognized as visionary software by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation.

The Arkieva S&OP Software Suite offers a robust solution supporting the end-to-end S&OP process. The Advanced S&OP management features of Arkieva include Customer Product Segmentation, Product Management, Collaborative Demand Planning & Optimization, Inventory Planning & Optimization, Supply Planning & Optimization and Executive S&OP. Its user-friendliness and intuitive look & feel ensure smooth user adoption and immediate results.

Arkieva S&OP tooling


At Solventure, we have innovation in our DNA. To stay ahead of the curve and deepen our knowledge, we collaborate closely with Ghent University, Lancaster University and others in the field of analytics and modeling. Examples of PhD research that some of our colleagues have been working on include: Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization, Forecasting with External Leading Indicators, Stochastic Economic Lot Scheduling in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains, Detecting Forecasting Hypes in Sales through Social Media, and many more.

Building on this constant urge to excel, we developed Leading Indicator Forecasting (LIFe), an advanced machine learning statistical model that allows you to outperform your competitors. While traditional forecasting models barely incorporate external influences, Leading Indicator Forecasting analyzes external factors – the so-called ‘leading indicators’ – that impact your business and integrates them into the sales forecast.

How we work - Analytics
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