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Your business is impacted by its macro-economic environment. Solventure’s macro-economic monitoring and forecasting software solution, LIFe, actively improves your decision-making processes for different purposes and across geographical regions. Discover external demand drivers that influe...

Rethink your supply chain thinking

Transform your supply chain from an obstacle into a competitive edgeWhat if you stopped regarding your supply chain in purely operational terms, and aligned it with your business strategy instead? This shift in perspective, which we firmly stand for, is the best way to convince your C-suit...

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Sales & Operations Planning Training is key to attaining the holistic perspective on people-process-tools-analytics that is the prerequisite for driving sustainable change and value through S&OP. To help you unlock new potential and take your company processes to the next level, we...

Process & Organisation Design

We help you lay the groundwork for continuous improvement by (re)defining your overall planning architecture. Subsequently, we tackle the design of your systems and structures in more detail. We use a business process map (BPM) to document improvements, covering processes from the highest...


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