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Where does your
S&OP Software journey start?

The S&OP cycle consists of six major building blocks. Mature organizations should tackle all of these steps of the S&OP process. The key to success is to start of with what you have and build from existing processes. Let your organisation grow gradually step by step. Which one do you pick?

Customer Product Segmentation


Product Management


Demand Review


Inventory Management


Supply Planning


Optimized Executive S&OP through S&OP Software


Creating a customer product segmentation strategy to differentiate service level


Segmentation is sound practice and a way of categorizing your customers and products into smaller groups, allowing you to provide differentiated services to the various segments.

Discover how to…

  • deliver the best service to the best customers
  • break out of the vicious circle of overpromising and underperforming
  • rationalize your product/service portfolio
  • implement the strategy of your choice
  • increase profitability while simultaneously improving overall customer satisfaction
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Product Management

Product management focuses on maximizing the business value of a product by good management at every stage of its life cycle.

Discover how to…

  • manage New Product Introductions (NPIs)
  • set up a Stage-Gate process that defines how to phase products out
  • cope with the long-term effects of promotions, projects and tenders
  • boost your overall product life cycle profitability by optimizing the margins
  • develop a balanced product portfolio that is aligned with your company strategy
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Creating a Product Management Strategy to better manage NPI's and end-of-life products
Creating a demand planning strategy to further improve your forecast.

Collaborative Demand Planning & Optimization

Demand planning is the very foundation of the S&OP process. Collaborative demand planning takes reliable forecasting to the next level by also including input from key customers and channel partners.

Discover how to…

  • use forecasting techniques to eliminate bias from the demand forecast
  • win the sales team’s buy-in to the demand planning process
  • establish a well-functioning collaborative demand planning process
  • enhance the S&OP process by improving the input for supply planning
  • measure the forecast value-add and reach consensus
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Inventory Planning
& Optimization

Inventory planning ensures that you have the right stock available at the right time and in the right location to meet your customers’ demands.

Discover how to…

  • decide which products you keep as Make-To-Stock (MTS)/Make-To-Order (MTO)
  • identify specific reasons for your inventory fluctuations
  • deal with Slow Moving and Obsolete Inventory (SMOI)
  • reduce inventory while at the same time improving service and lowering costs
  • utilize the unexplored opportunity of multi-echelon inventory optimization
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Optimize your inventory levels: strategic stock, anticipation stock, leveling stock, cycle stock and safety stock
Creating a supply strategy: make scenario based decision to optimize your RCCP, Master plan and detailed schedule.

Supply Planning & Optimization

Supply planning is the most complex step in the S&OP process, aimed at balancing supply and demand in a way that contributes to your organization’s financial and service objectives.

Discover how to…

  • better anticipate changes in demand
  • control costs and generate margin through efficient use of the available assets
  • deal with capacity constraints and shifting bottlenecks
  • use Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) and Material Resource Planning (MRP) to connect the different steps in your supply chain
  • determine the right planning horizon based on your complexity and maturity
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Executive S&OP

Balancing cost, service and cash is a major challenge. To improve this supply chain triangle and to steer your organization towards success, a mature Executive Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process is key.

Discover how to…

  • turn your current S&OP process into a true scenario-based decision-making process
  • gain consensus on 1 single forecast for Sales, Finance and Operations
  • provide tailored information in volumes & value and on both an SKU and aggregated level where needed
  • determine the right set of KPIs for sound decisions
  • steer your process based on real-time data and real-time alerts
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Executive S&OP in your company to reach strategic objectives and optimize your ROCE through the use of S&OP Software

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