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How Can We Help?

Below we’ve gathered a collection of insights to resiliently manage the COVID-19 impact on your business. Use it to leverage your S&OP.IBP process as a critical instrument during crisis times.

Bram Desmet

author, keynote speaker and CEO @ Solventure

To: our website visitors
From: Bram Desmet
Subject: How can we help

“Dear marketing, sales, supply chain, finance and procurement professionals; balancing supply and demand has never been as challenging as now. Work life balancing has never been as challenging as now.  At the same time we are keeping our cool, leveraging everything we have learned over the past years and thinking already forward about what will be the new normal ahead of us.

Below we gathered some inspiration on how to leverage your S&OP/IBP process as a critical instrument during crisis times. I truely hope this helps you in your current supply chain journey! Let us know how we can help you or at least allow us to send you our mental support and some quick tips&tricks.

Stay safe!

Bram “

How can we help you?

Next to our ongoing project work, we are currently helping customers in different ways

  1. DEMAND REVIEW – Building ‘corona demand scenarios‘: analyse other ‘black swan’ events of the last 20 years, build corona demand scenarios and assess their likelihood by the evolution of macro-economic indicators. Our latest webinar gives you an idea of the possibilities.
  2. INVENTORY PLANNING – Assessing the impact on ‘supply and inventory’: what are capacity and inventory scenarios, what are scenarios for constraints on raw material/components, …
  3. E2E VISIBILITY – Providing laser sharp focus and E2E visibility to manage risk and disruption: to make sure everyone works towards the same goal, we’l coach you in dertemining which KPI’s and targets will be maintained and which ones will be adjusted.  
  4. TRAINING – Providing online supply chain training through our Solventure Academy
  5. RESOURCES – Sharing the latest supply chain trends in webinars and sharing our own resources by delivering interim demand/supply/S&OP planners: some of you currently see a peak in demand and can use an extension of capacity, some of you have unavailabilities in the team due to sickness or family leave, …

But how can we help you? Let us know if any of the above 5 or others apply.

Demand Review


Inventory Management


Optimized Executive S&OP through S&OP Software






Solventure can support you in compiling a forecast for your company with or without a full APS system integration:

  • Building ‘corona demand scenarios
  • Order progression,
  • country/region pattern comparison,
  • recession pattern analysis,
  • set up daily/weekly demand history and demand reports
  • Economic indicator correlation analysis during normal business times, vs during recession times.
  • Coaching in STATISTICAL + COLLABORATIVE + MACRO-ECONOMIC compiled forecasting


We need to switch to short term forecasting


You want to lower your inventories during times of crisis to control working capital


Inventory optimization during times of crisis might not mean minimizing costs, reducing inventories, and maximizing assets utilization… Solventure can support you in screening your supply chain for vulnarabilities:

  • Assessing the impact on ‘supply and inventory’
  • Identify where buffer stock and flexibility is needed without blowing up the required working capital,
  • Stock policies adjustment,
  • inventory parameter optimization,
  • providing insights on “How does optimal inventory evolve before, during and after the crisis?”


Service/Cost/Cash balancing will be under pressure. Discuss which existing KPI’s and targets will be maintained and which ones will be adjusted. Make sure everybody works toward the same clear goal. Solventure can support you in leveraging your S&OP/IBP process as a steering instrument for fast decision making:

  • Any quick report that can help spreading the right information faster right now,
  • Set up revenue-assurance instead of the traditional cost saving metrics,
  • Set up close monitoring of demand signals, supply issues; centralize information,
  • Coach on how to make clear decisions and how to translate these to an actionable S&OP/IBP process.


Carefully design which decisions will be taken monthly as usual, and which decisions need to be taken on a weekly or daily basis


We need to respect social distancing until further notice… Hello Whatsapp, Teams, GoToMeeting, WebEx,…


During and after these corona times, complementing our Solventure Academy offering with online formats is a logical next developments in our service offering. Solventure Academy can support you in improving the supply chain maturity of your teams:

  • different training formats varying from a 2-hours online package to a full tailored training program
  • we are The Fresh Connection certified
  • we keep on delivering our service as your training partner for tailored supply chain training, to support your short- or long-term improvement projects


Some of you currently see a peak in demand and can use an extension of capacity, some of you have unavailabilities in the team due to sickness or family leave, …Solventure can support you in:

  • delivering interim demand/supply/S&OP planners
  • need help with those analyses, don’t hesitate to reach out

We’re always looking for various ways to share our knowledge, have a look at our webinar recordings


Solventure will always find a way to provide you with tips&tricks

“May you live in interesting times”

– an ancient Chinese proverb –

Interesting times it is. All of our organizations and markets are currently shaken up by the impact of the Corona virus.

Let’s all stay safe and work our ways through this challenging period!