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Project Description

Sales Manager

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At Solventure, we are currently recruiting a Sales Manager for our Dutch office!
Our Dutch partner BLMC, experts in supply chain consultancy, interim management and recruitment, will be conducting the interviews and assessments.

Our promise to customers
Solventure uses the power of Sales & Operations Planning to turn your supply chain into a competitive edge.

We provide a full range of S&OP solutions that are a combination of software, analytics, advice, tooling and implementation. We work with your people to define your S&OP processes and configure the state-of-the-art solutions and systems to perfectly suit your situation. The preferred tooling for this is the Arkieva Supply Chain Suite, Challenger according to Gartner*. We will integrate the modules with existing systems where necessary.

The result is an easy-to-use and highly effective S&OP solution that people like to use. It drives improved service, at reduced costs, with less capital so it empowers you to add more value and gain a competitive edge.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation, T. Payne, April 29, 2015
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning System of Record, T. Payne, January 19, 2016

Customers like Owens Corning, Poppies, Pepsico and Total already enjoy the results  of our promise.

Solventure Software, Tooling and Service Portfolio
Solventure acts as reseller and integrator of tooling and software supporting the sales & operations planning processes in manufacturing companies. This includes support for customer-product segmentation, demand planning, supply planning, inventory planning and executive S&OP.

Solventure provides supply chain analytics services. This combines a cloud based tooling solution with process improvement, coaching and analytics in all aspects of the S&OP process. In the analytics mode, we develop supply chain processes in a step-by-step and self-financing approach.

Next to these, Solventure is developing a ‘leading indicator forecasting solution’. This is based on Phd research within Solventure, in close collaboration with the universities of Lancaster and Gent. Leading indicators is a promising new technique. It will help the leaders in supply chain to realize a new and much needed breakthrough in forecast accuracy.

Solventure has also recently launched the ‘Solventure Academy’, which develops S&OP competence, by providing open and in-company training, in the different steps of the S&OP process.

Tasks and responsibilities sales manager Solventure NL
As a result of our growth strategy and success, Solventure NL has been launched in January 2017.

For our office in the Netherlands, we are looking for a person who has an exceptional interest in the end-to-end processes  of translating marketing into sales. A sales manager who has the drive, the passion and the intelligence to build Solventure NL into a major player on the Dutch market.

You are rapidly developing our market share by using sales activities to further develop the existing network of Solventure Europe and BLMC Supply Chain Optimization. Solventure Nl is founded and owned by those two companies.

You will follow-up by calling, mailing, and so on, on the marketing initiatives and turn contacts into leads. You will nurture leads with relevant information to shape the prospects’ expectations in line with the offerings and strengths of Solventure

In your job you will visit prospects to discuss their supply chain challenges, propose the Solventure offerings, and propose customer specific solutions. In a second step you may also support the answering of Requests for Proposal and take the lead for a RFP process. As you grow into the sales role, we will hire a junior business developer, which you will coach in the lead generation part.
That person will work as an extension of yourself, so you are able to increase your focus on sales.

The development of customer specific solutions takes place in close collaboration with an experienced project manager and the managing director of Solventure NL. Overall, you are responsible for the follow-up of the prospects and turning these prospects into clients, including all the negotiations.

Once prospects are turned into clients, you will remain the commercial account manager. As an account manager you pay close attention to the customer satisfaction and the deliverables as a result of the implemented solution. After the initial implementation, you also keep close contact with clients to build a sustainable relationship and to notify any further sales opportunities. Once we established the growth in the Dutch market, we planned to hire a full-time account manager. Depending on your interest, you have the opportunity to apply for this role or other roles in the future as well.

Geographical region
Our primary focus is on the Dutch market. You will be working from our office in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands. There are possibilities for flex working.

What we are looking for

  • 3 – 6 years of experience in sales and lead generation, preferably in a tooling or services company or in one of the next areas: food, fmcg, process industry, chemical, sales & operations planning or supply chain management
  • ambition to grow in a senior sales role
  • strong willingness to build solid supply chain planning knowledge
  • excellent communicator showing sales and marketing potential
  • fluent in Dutch, English and preferably French

Candidates should be

  • entrepreneurial
  • team players
  • excellent communicators
  • analytical
  • flexible
  • eager to learn and potential to grow
  • decent

and think and act on academic level

What we can promise

  • a high degree of autonomy
  • opportunity to help building the Solventure business in the Netherlands and Europe
  • a young and dynamic environment
  • a job with a lot of interaction
  • a challenging product and service portfolio
  • broad responsibility, high variety in the job
  • growth perspective
  • a competitive salary package
  • monthly trainings in change management
  • strong personal development

Our Dutch partner BLMC, experts in supply chain consultancy, interim management and recruitment, will be conducting the interviews and assessments.

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