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Project Description

Sales Manager

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outstanding in building contacts, converting contacts into opportunities and opportunities into great deals
willing to invest in excellent technical product and service knowledge

Solventure Software and Service Portfolio

Solventure acts as reseller and integrator of software supporting the sales & operations plan-ning processes in manufacturing companies. This includes support for customer-product seg-mentation, demand planning, supply planning, inventory planning and executive S&OP.
Solventure provides supply chain analytics services. This combines a cloud based software solution (European Single Channel Partner of Arkieva) with process improvement, coaching and analytics in all aspects of the S&OP process. In the analytics mode, we develop supply chain processes in a step-by-step and self-financing approach.


You are in continuous contact with our prospects and customers, via phone, e-mail, face-to-face meetings, conference calls, webex meetings, … You know how to win trust by asking the right questions, by creating insights that fix the problem and match the Solventure capabilities. You convert opportunities into proposals and proposals into contracts. You are a strong com-municator, not only verbally, but also written. Written proposals testify the high quality job that Solventure will deliver.

Opportunities can be RFP’s, where the customers’ requirements are defined upfront and in detail. An excellent knowledge of the competition is required to position our differentiators in a strong and convincing way. Good negotiation skills are required to deal with the price pressure executed by purchasing. You will work closely with the consultants and the prospect to ensure the proposed solution matches our capabilities.

In case of ‘supply chain analytics’ projects, the prospect has a problem, but no solution. Your solid knowledge of supply chain planning processes will allow you to draft an approach, to-gether with the prospect and the consultants involved. You know how to develop a ‘learning path’ where the customer can ‘gradually improve’ towards the best-in-class.

Once projects are won, the plan is you stay involved as an account manager, as a trusted partner for the senior project sponsor. You continue the development of the customer relation-ship. In regular follow-up calls you stay aware of the project progress. In regular account meet-ings, you stay in touch of “what’s next”, what other issues the customer is trying to tackle. You inspire customers by presenting success stories from other Solventure customers or from the Solventure research.

Geographical region

Primary focus is on the European market: Belgium, Switzerland and France down to the Paris region.
We are looking for:

  • 0 – 3 years of sales experience or supply chain experience is a plus. Motivated to build up sales & supply chain expertise.
  • excellent communicator showing sales and marketing potential
  • fluent in Dutch, French and English

Candidates should be:

  • entrepreneurial
  • team players
  • possess good communication skills
  • analytical
  • flexible
  • eager to learn, show growth potential

What we can promise:

  • a high degree of autonomy, opportunity to help building the Solventure business
  • a young and dynamic environment
  • a job with a lot of interaction
  • a challenging product and service portfolio
  • broad responsibility, high variety in the job
  • growth perspective
  • a competitive salary package


Candidates are asked to send a recent CV and a motivation letter. The motivation letter is expected to illustrate how the candidate fits the above profile, including an assessment of your strong and weak points.

An assessment will be a part of the recruitment process.

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