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Project Description

Solventure, a young and dynamic company that provides tooling solutions and analytics services for improved supply chain planning performance, is looking to strengthen its team in Belgium with a:

Data Integration Consultant

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Solventure Tooling and Service Portfolio

Solventure acts as reseller and integrator of tooling supporting the sales & operations planning processes in manufacturing companies. This includes support for customer-product segmentation, demand planning, supply planning, inventory planning and executive S&OP.

Solventure provides supply chain analytics services. This combines a cloud based tooling solution with process improvement, coaching and analytics in all aspects of the S&OP process. In the analytics mode, we develop supply chain processes in a step-by-step and self-financing approach.

Next to these, Solventure is developing a ‘leading indicator forecasting solution’. This is based on Phd research within Solventure, in close collaboration with the universities of Lancaster and Gent. Leading indicators is a promising new technique. It will help the leaders in supply chain to realize a new and much needed breakthrough in forecast accuracy.

Solventure has also recently launched ‘Solventure Academy’, which develops S&OP competence, by providing open and in-company training, in the different steps of the S&OP process.

Our promise to the customers

Solventure uses the power of Sales & Operations Planning to turn supply chains into a competitive edge.

We provide a full range of S&OP solutions that are a combination of analytics, advice, tooling and implementation. We work with organizations to define their S&OP processes and configure the state-of-the-art solutions to perfectly suit their situation. The preferred tooling for this is the Arkieva Supply Chain Suite, Challenger according to Gartner*. We will integrate the modules with existing systems where necessary.

The result is an easy-to-use and highly effective S&OP solution that people like to use. It drives improved service, at reduced costs, with less capital so it empowers companies to add more value and gain a competitive edge.

Customers like Owens Corning, Pepsico, Poppies and Total already enjoy the results of our promise.

* Sources:

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation, T. Payne, April 29, 2015
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning System of Record, T. Payne, January 19, 2016
  • As a Data Integration Consultant, you will have an important role in our S&OP projects integrating the client’s ERP applications and other LOB applications with a solution based on the Arkieva S&OP platform. Our S&OP projects include, but are not limited to, customer-product segmenation, forecasting & demand planning, inventory management, supply planning and executive S&OP. Typical client applications include, but are not limited to, SAP, CRM, BI, as well as on-premise as in-the-cloud.
  • As a Data Integration Consultant, you participate in the full lifecycle of our S&OP projects. This means you’ll be active on the functional side as well as on the technical side. Based on your functional analysis of the integration requirements of our clients you’ll design a solution, and afterwards you’ll contribute to the development and the testing of the integration solution. In order to successfully complete the implementation you’ll also provide the necessary documentation and will coach the end users during the go-live.
  • As a Data Integration Consultant, you will design a data model to integrate the data of different types of data sources. You will develop best-practices and you will be involved in knowledge sharing sessions.

Tasks & Responsibilities

What does it take?

  • You have an academic degree and preferably 1-2 years of experience in Data Integration, preferably in an MS context, so you’ve already reached a certain level of maturity.
  • You have an excellent knowledge of SQL, and any knowledge of SSIS is an asset.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential, you master technical ICT language, but can also persuade business and non-ICT stakeholders.
  • Fluent in English, proficient in Dutch, French or German is a plus.
  • a high degree of autonomy, opportunity to help building the Solventure business
  • a young and dynamic environment, with lots of fun
  • a job with a lot of interaction
  • free Fruit & Soup
  • a chance to think about our future during our quarterly strategic meetings
  • a challenging set of competences and experiences to manage
  • broad responsibility, high variety in the job
  • growth perspective
  • a competitive salary package

What we can promise


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About us


Our primary focus is on the Dutch market. You will be working from our office in Ghent, Belgium. There are possibilities for flex working and working for international operating customers, travelling and working abroad.


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