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The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain

Half-day MBA to align Strategy, Finance, and Supply Chain

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Wondering how Strategy, Finance, and Supply Chain are related?

We're offering you a headstart during a half-day MBA for less than €300. Based on the books of Prof. dr. Bram Desmet you'll combine theory and practice in an instructor-led training with peers.

Who should attend?

The training is for everyone who wants to sharpen their skills and who wants to connect their role to Strategy, Finance, and/or Supply Chain

This training is for you when you have responsibilities in the field of:

  • Supply Chain

  • Demand Planning/Management

  • Inventory Planning/Management

  • Supply Planning/Management

  • Capacity Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Procurement Planning

  • Operations

Prefer to organize this training within your organization? Contact us for in-company options