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How to get your Supply Chain planning up to speed

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How to get your Supply Chain planning up to speed

Throughout this supply chain training, we will dive deeper into the alignment of your Demand, Inventory, and Supply Planning challenges. In addition we show you how to enable harmony in your S&OP process by including segmentation, finance & strategic aspects. Each module is a full-day program consisting of in-depth knowledge, interactive discussions, and fun exercises.

What to expect?

  • New insights on various planning challenges and boost your S&OP maturity

  • Understanding of how they interact and what you can do to harmonize them

  • Sharpen your vision during peer-to-peer and cross-industry discussions

  • Challenge yourself to look beyond your own role and responsibilities

  • Gather working points to enable further alignment in your supply chain processes

  • Connect to fellow supply chain professionals by sharing best practices and joining interactive discussions

  • Play a few rounds of a value chain simulation game (The Fresh/Cool Connection) developed by Inchainge

Who are you

The training is for everyone who wants to sharpen their Supply Chain skills and who wants to understand how a Supply Chain process fits within the broader business strategy.

This training is for you when you have responsibilities in the field of:

  • Supply Chain

  • Demand Planning/Management

  • Inventory Planning/Management

  • Supply Planning/Management

  • Capacity Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Procurement Planning

  • Operations

  • IT

  • Data Integration

  • Sales and Operations


Basic knowledge about concepts and terminology around supply chain.

We advise you to download our white papers on effective demand planning, inventory optimization and supply planning.

This training provided me with an overview of what S&OP is all about. Having this overview enables me to see the bigger picture instead of treating each planning process individually.

Prefer to organize this training within your organization? Contact us for in-company options