Solventure podcast: are supply chains strong enough in times of crisis

Sales & Operations Planning – the clue is in the name!

It revolves around creating better alignment between the demand and the capacity to improve operational efficiency. It sounds impressive, but what can you do in practice if a new situation – such as the one caused by the current coronavirus crisis – strongly deviates from all the benchmarks you’ve set so far? Is the historical data still relevant in your S&OP process? And how should you incorporate the new data that is being generated, now and in the future? In this podcast, Michel van Buren (CEO of Solventure in the Netherlands) and Geert Witlox (SwissSense) discuss how collaborative forecasting and the use of leading indicators can help you to significantly improve the quality of your demand forecasting. As a result, you will be more capable of responding to both short-term and longer-term developments and able to provide better service at lower costs.

This podcast was made in collaboration with The interview is available in Dutch and contains English subtitles.

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