The next wave in S&OP systems

The next wave in Sales & Operations Planning systems

30/9/20204:00pm CEST1 hour
'The next wave in Sales & Operations Planning systems', a Solventure webinar hosted by Bram Desmet, CEO @ Solventure and Nick Verstraete, CTO @Solventure and in collaboration with Martijn Lofvers, founder of Supply Chain Media

Our panel members will start from their experiences in the S&OP domain and how companies can sustainably improve their supply chain processes. From that vision, we’ll dive into the topic of tooling and focus on the next wave of supply chain automation. Join our webinar to discover how external data will be key in the upcoming years and find an answer on
- how to enrich your process with external data
- how to match external data with your supply chain process
- how to extract information from external data

As customary, we'll reserve time for Q&A, so prepare your questions!


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