APS vs ERP: the essence of using the right tooling

‘APS versus ERP: the essence of using the right tooling support’, a Solventure webinar hosted by prof dr Bram Desmet, CEO @ Solventure

During the past 15 years, Solventure has had the opportunity to be a long term implementation partner of many different companies in various industries. This road trip is also the baseline of our webinar this week. We all know that having a decent ERP system is convenient to manage various business processes, reduce manual labour and to simplify existing business workflows. But if you’re using additional spreadsheets to support your decision-making process, which becomes too big and complex in an instant, it’s time to put an APS system in the spotlight.

Our webinar host will guide you through the functionalities and benefits of APS systems. During this session, our host refers to our 7-step approach at Solventure which we use for S&OP transformations. More info about this vision can be found here.


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